Outernet Web Services

"Outernet's own AWS (and Your Project's Tent ⛺)"

About Outernet Web Services

Outernet Web Services (OWS), also known as Outernet Cloud, is a powerful hosting and compute service designed for Hack Clubbers at Outernet 2023. Whether you need to host a website, blog, or even a Minecraft server, our platform has got you covered. Powered by a team of talented Hack Clubbers, Outernet Web Services offers reliable and scalable solutions for your projects.


Custom Compute

Spin up instances tailored to your project's needs!


Like AWS' Route 53, OWS' domain name system provides distinctive .deploy.outernet domains for your hosted projects. Access them within OuterLAN, a reliable and mesh network by Outernet's ISP guild.

By Hack Clubbers, for Hack Clubbers

For the duration of Outernet, your projects are hosted on a platform that's secured and engineered by fellow talented Hack Clubbers.